I’M A FORMER White House correspondent for the financial newspaper Investor’s Business Daily and the former editor in chief of Texas Business Magazine. And today I continue to write about business and politics.

For instance, these stories and podcasts:

Southwest vs American

Wild Turkey, Chivas Regal, hot pants, cathode-ray tubes, and countless cartons of cigarettes are key components of the six-part “Southwest vs. American” series script I wrote for Business Wars, a podcast from Wondery. Listen to me ramble about it here.


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.42.07 AMIf you ask me, Tomi Lahren should have bought a black Cadillac and not a white one. But, hey, what do I know about being a conservative commentator with a massive online following? For POLITICO Magazine I profiled the right’s rising star.


Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.27.24 AMI spent six months tracking the rapid growth of Turning Point USA — the biggest conservative student group in the country — and meeting repeatedly with its founder, Charlie Kirk, for this feature in POLITICO Magazine.


The High Price of Precision Health CareWhy do so many drugs cost so much money? I wrote about the High Price of Precision Health Care for Genome Magazine.




Do not be like Don Draper. Do find a constructive way to vent your workplace anger. Consider buying some 3D real estate and brain powered toys. I’ve covered all those kinds of topics (and more) in my frequent business and tech writing for American Way magazine and others.



My cover story for the November 2014 issue of Washingtonian looked at the rapidly rising cost of living in the nation’s capital. Housing, day care, and even groceries seem to be more expensive in the Washington area than in most other parts of the country. So how are individuals and families at different income levels in different parts of town making it?


Rodney Brooks is the father of modern robotics and the brains behind the Roomba. Now, with a tablet-faced, two-armed robot called Baxter, he has set out to redefine the role robots play in the American workplace. I told Brooks’ story in the November 2014  issue of Boston Magazine.


Is Bill Dean an engineering dork, a business whiz, or a playboy? Sub-question: Is he all three? For this story in Washingtonian, I met a man who runs a $700-million electrical engineering firm and throws some of the raciest parties in Washington.



Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.05.16 PM

What happens when a Google founder gets into the field of personal genetics? A whole lot of people buy the product he’s backing. But the Food and Drug Administration is not yet sold, as I found out in this piece for Genome Magazine.



Bill Paley’s father was a titan who founded CBS, his mother a goddess who was an editor at Vogue, and he was once considered a dropout and a junkie. Can he create a new legacy by reviving the brand that helped his family buy CBS?


FB copy

Facebook deactivated my Facebook page once this story about their lobbying operation was published in Washingtonian. (This story won a Dateline Award from the Society of Professional Journalists’ Washington, DC, chapter in 2012.)




photoSam Wyly’s billion-dollar fortune was at stake in a $550 million SEC lawsuit. So, too, was the legacy of his deceased brother, Charles, who had been a prominent philanthropist. So when I wrote this piece about the case, why wasn’t Sam worried? (And now that the jury has found Sam and Charles liable, what now? I address that here.)


Jeb Hensarling is an influential GOP Congressman from Texas. But this story dubbed him a “nobody.”




LRAs the Washington editor for The Land Report magazine, I covered federal land policy. This was a preview of the Obama Administration’s land policy agenda.




WashburneRay Washburne owns the most expensive piece of retail real estate in Texas and sometimes has influential politicians, like the one pictured here, over to his house. After this story ran, he was named the Republican National Committee’s finance chairman.


Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.48.11 AM

Joe Bastianich, the stern former co-host of Fox’s MasterChef and author of Restaurant Man, was heavier and far less famous when I met him. But he still knew everything about the business of dining.





Sidney Frank founded Grey Goose and became a billionaire. Also, he liked roasted peppers.






Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines and a business visionary, has talked to me more than any other magazine writer. Here is just one of our conversations. (And here is a piece on Herb’s co-founder, the late Rollin King.)


Vacation time gets wasted by workers in this country.








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