Men can wear Spanx, too. But, as I found, it’s not easy.





HermitageA couple nights at a hermitage in the woods with no TV, no WiFi, and a promise to keep my cell phone turned off? What could go wrong?





Scientists who are also cheerleaders. Cheerleaders who are also scientists. That’s a very real thing. I got to meet the Science Cheerleaders for American Way magazine.





Bobby Hinds is 81 and is probably in better shape than you are.






Jake Shimabukuro has made a child’s toy into a respected musical instrument.






Barrington Irving, who has flown solo around the world, now hopes to become an educational hero.



photoThe Met was Dallas-Fort Worth’s arts, entertainment, and culture weekly that I helped found during the all-too-brief heyday of alt-weeklies. I served as editor-in-chief, and also wrote stories on things like strippers-turned-authors and the legacy of the TV show Dallas.



Met21COVERp22Twenty-one years after The Met was launched, a team of editors, designers, writers, and salespeople got together on a volunteer, not-for-profit basis to produce a new issue of the defunct publication that celebrated The Met’s 21st birthday. You can see and read the results of that effort by clicking the flipbook below.




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