THE WINE BARS of Rome. The return of white whiskey. The many brewpubs of Denver. The best ham and cheese in the world. And the longest, loudest lunch there is. As the former editorial director of Spirits & Cocktails magazine who continues to regularly cover food & drink, I’ve been lucky enough to write about all that and more.

For instance, these stories:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.39.59 AMMezcal, whether fire-roasted or steamed, smoky or smooth, is a hot spirit right now. For Private Clubs magazine, I wrote about three of the best new mezcals on the market.



IMG_3376Rum is economically and culturally important to Puerto Rico, as I discovered by criss-crossing the island to visit with several distillers. Also important: Puerto Rican rum is delicious.





I drank 48 beers in 48 hours in Denver. Then I got paid to write about it. This was not the worst gig ever. (This story was a finalist in the North American Travel Journalists Association’s 2014 Awards.)




Moonshine is probably a profitable product. But it isn’t legal. White Whiskey, on the other hand, is both.





How many wine bars can you visit in a weeklong trip to Rome? A lot. And, yet, not enough.






Who is the best TV Chef? The answer is very, very complicated.





GFriday Lunch at Galatoires in New Orleans is not like Friday Lunch anywhere else on the planet.





www.fotocarra.itHam and Cheese sounds and tastes better in Italian, as I found out on a visit to the places where Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano-Reggiano are made.





You can only make Scotch in Scotland. But in Nova Scotia, they might be making the next best thing.





SnCSadly departed, this was Spirits & Cocktails, the national newsstand magazine dedicated to high-end distilled spirits. I served as editorial director and sampler-in-chief for the publication.

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