I AM LIKELY the only journalist whose stories have required this range of dress:

A) Suits (for presidential press conferences at the White House and for interviews with Fortune 500 CEOs)

B) Kurta pajamas (for a train trip through India)

C) The entire undergarment line from Spanx for Men (for, well, a story about Spanx for Men)

I’ve been a White House correspondent for Investor’s Business Daily and a founder of a media group that published several national and regional publications, including Texas Business magazine, The Met Magazine, and Spirits & Cocktails magazine. Today, I’m a freelancer based in Washington, DC. I write for many regional and national publications, including Politico MagazineWashingtonianAmerican Way magazine, Private Clubs, Boston Magazine, and D Magazine. My stories touch on topics as diverse as entertainment, business, travel, politics, food, wine, spirits, and, occasionally, Spandex undergarments.

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Twitter: @joefreelance


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